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Arabica Coffee

Kahawa buni means coffee beans in Swahili. These fine Kenyan Arabica beans are renowned for their intense flavour, full body and pleasant aroma.

Our Coffee

Our coffee is sourced from the Highlands of Kenya east of the Rift Valley. These fine kenyan Arabica beans are renowned for their intense flavour, full body and pleasant aroma. We use no wholesalers or middle men meaning we can pay the farmers a fair price, also 5% of our profit goes to Chumboni Eco Group a non profit project aimed at conservation/protecton of Chumboni Village near Mombasa.

Kahawa Buni Fine Teas

Our tea is sourced from Kericho and the surrounding regions which are known as the best tea plantations in the world. As with our coffee we source from small independant forms and pay a fair price.

Who Are Kahawa Buni?

Paul Andrew Grime

Manager (UK)

Hassan Ahmed Omar

Manager (Kenya)

We are a small independant company with Paul in the UK and Hassan in Kenya. Hassan sources the coffee and tea leaves and delivers it to the factory for roasting and grinding. It is then packed and dispatched to Paul in the UK, who markets and sells the products. Paul and Hassan have worked together for 25 years and share a love of Kenya and especially Kenyan Coffee.


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Top Graded 100% Arabica Kenyan Coffee

Chumboni Eco Group Ltd

Our company is set up as a conservation and development project. Chumboni/Maji Moto in the Mombasa region of Kenya is a chronically underdeveloped for the residents and the bio-sphere is diminishing at an increasing rate. This is due to ignorance and desperation by local people and also climate change.

Our plans are to develop the area and protect the eco-system at the same time. Current projects are the building of a clinic, building of nursery school, funding of school fees for poorer children and the construction of a bridge to help access the nearest road.

Donations are kindly accepted using NCBA Bank (Kenya)
Account no. 858 993 0019
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